Jimmy Red

"From Me To You"


Reviews and Quotes

"An intense singer/songwriter with a very creative imagination. Caring, complex and passionate best describe this self taught Long Island native. His "chameleonesque" live performances punctuate his songs with entertaining spontenaiety".-Laura Savini, Channel 21

"Jimmy Red's latest release 'From Me To You' is an album filled with the adult contemporary sounds of a mature singer-songwriter." -Newsday

"Jimmy Red epitomizes the singer-songwriter stance: acoustic-based autobiography, where the arresting musical sparseness puts gentle melodies and warm, unassuming vocals in full relief." -Good Times Magazine, Blue Lou Margiore

"Jimmy Red has a fine, fine voice." -Johnny Maestro



"This album leans more towards an adult contemporary flavor with strong classic rock roots. Deep, thoughtful lyrics nestled within rich harmonies and tasty musicianship characterize this sonic treat."

-Jimmy Red